New Sermon Series - The Body of Christ

A Study of 1 Corinthians

Pastor Joel will preach through 1 Corinthians teaching us about the church at Corinth - their successes, their shortcomings, and allowing us to learn from their example.

This sermon series is taught each Sunday beginning at 11:00am. 

MasterLife Together

What would it be like to follow Jesus with your entire being?

Avery Willis’s MasterLife has helped hundreds of thousands of Christians progress in many key disciplines of the faith, including prayer, personal purity, living in the Word, witnessing, and others. This updated resource incorporates key components from the original version but is written for a new generation of believers.

The content is simple but comprehensive. Exercises take 15 to 20 minutes per day and include memorizing an assigned Scripture verse each week. The exercises are often experiential and require participants to be vulnerable and reflect on every realm of their being—listening as the Holy Spirit reveals personal applications. This insight can then be shared in group sessions as a way to emphasize authenticity and increase accountability.

An excellent resource to help persons move toward maturity in Christ and gain victory over areas of weakness, MasterLife Together is appropriate for both new Christians and experienced believers.

To begin at Berea Sometime late April
Time, Day and Place TBD by participants
email: to inquire

Joel Collette, Senior Pastor

Fill the Tank

What if we could see thousands profess Christ through believer’s baptism on a single day?

That’s the heartbeat behind the statewide “Fill the Tank” baptism emphasis.

We’re committing to fill our baptistry on April 16 and trust God to save people between now and then. Be praying for the lost in the community of Mooresville and wait with expectation and hope to see who God will call to baptism on Sunday April 16th.