Our Church Vision

"...He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ..." Philippians 1:6 NKJV

Our church seeks to fulfill the vision stated below.  It's a goal. It's not complete, but every day with every decision that is made we are moving ever closer to the goal.  We believe with all our hearts that this is the path that God has laid before

Berea Baptist Church, and we commit together to work toward this goal with God guiding our every step.

First Impressions

Landscape/Curb Appeal

For people to sense life from within the church based on what they see outside the church. A church full of color and beauty in God's outdoor creation when they pull into our driveway and parking lot.


An inviting and captivating entrance that is easy to find and welcoming. For any visitor or member to feel an invigorating and comfortable experience as they make their way into the Welcome Center.

Welcome Center

A place where people are introduced to the church, given gift bags full of information and free resources in order to make them feel appreciated and cared for during their visit here at Berea Baptist Church.

Church Environment

A church environment where all people feel the love of Christ and sense of welcome. A place free of distraction, joyful in fellowship, full of vibrant worship and flooded with a Holy Spirit passion where people just want to be a part of something God-sized.


For our facilities to be of comfort, yet conducive for the spiritual growth of the church. Facilities that communicate to any visitor our stewardship of the Lord's house.  Facilities that meet the needs of all ministries of the church. Facilities that utilize all available resources and provide the necessary room for growth.


A divine place arranged in a manner for people to do business with God. A place of corporate worship, where all can gather and comfortably kneel at the altar in prayer. A place where the worship leader and team have the ample space to grow the music ministry of the church.


Where line of sight is accessible for secretarial and welcoming purposes. Where there is ample space for counseling, group conferences, and an effective location for strategic praying and planning over things within the church.


"Kid focused" facilities aimed to reach children. A crying room designated for parents who want to continue to worship Christ while feeding or managing a baby. Rooms equipped with space and technology to facilitate effective teaching and interactive learning. A safe place that gives parents the peace of mind in how we take care of and lead children of all ages.

Sunday School

Rooms equipped with the means and technology available for Sunday School teachers to use in their lessons.  Rooms with the space for long-term growth.

Faith Hall/Family Center

An area designated to reach families through food, fellowship and fun. From sports leagues to gatherings, this place serves as the bridge to reach the community.

Missions and Ministry

A church consistently and cooperatively intentional in missions and ministry giving as well as service. A church who mobilizes teams to send out locally, statewide, and even internationally to reach others for God’s kingdom.

Music Ministry

A ministry free in worship, focused on Heaven, devoted to seeing others approach the throne of grace, and committed to the spiritual direction and
leadership of the Worship Pastor.

Women's Ministry

A sole ministry that unites all women of various focuses together for the central purpose of mission, service, fellowship, and spiritual growth.

Men's Ministry

A community of brothers meeting together consistently, reaching and using men and of all ages, where they are, what they can contribute, as they grow together in Christ.   

Senior Ministry

Reaching seniors where they are, connecting them together, and positioned for service that not only minister to their age group, but become an active part of mentoring the younger generation in the Lord.

Student Ministry

An active and vibrant ministry of students essential to the church that grows in the structure the Lord guides the student leaders. A ministry that maintains the commitment of students beyond their time in school and helps young adults assimilate into the other
ministries of the church as committed leaders.

Children's Ministry

Reaching children where they are in order to understand the Bible so they can discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A ministry with the structure of age ranges, curriculum, and resources to minister proficiently. A church who rallies behind the leaders
who sacrifice time and effort to meet the needs of young families.

Sunday School Ministry

Various small groups who meet outside the church walls
purposed to deepen relationships between individuals and with the Lord. Where there are a variety of connect-group
opportunities from age range to area of life. An area of the church taken seriously to meet the desired direction of those who lead the Sunday School department.

Family Ministries

A ministry focused on guiding and assisting families of all ages through their spiritual journey. A ministry that reflects the function of all ministries of the church. A ministry available for all family dynamics geared to mobilize leaders and equip parents, kids, teens, families, and adults with the tools needed to grow in their faith of Christ. A ministry that provides educational services designed to meet the needs of the community and hopefully bring these families to Christ.

Evangelism and

Outreach Ministry

An organized effort of all the ministries of the church that intentionally reaches the doors of the community, communicates to our area how much we care, and extends the Gospel of Christ. Consistency in ministering to the community through care festivals, outreach events, and family-focused efforts throughout the year.  

Commitment and Service

A church devoted to corporate prayer. A church broken over the things of God and eager to serve.
Where all people find their place of service for the Lord. Where Wednesday night services are unique,
accessible, and a reflection of growing commitment and desire to grow in Christ.